What Are Inertia Waves?

One-part battle rope, one-part rubber band, Inertia Wave is fun and unique.  They provide a portable HIIT workout.  They can also strengthen your core, help burn fat, and improve your cardio.

The Inertia Wave was designed to be a safer and more effective alternative to traditional battle ropes.  We here at Mind Body Spine and Cape Kettlebell have our very own set of them and would love to show you the ropes.

The learning curve to use them is short and the benefits are huge.  The elasticity of the ropes allows you to have more control and take some of the potential for overuse injury away from the shoulders and elbows that can occur with improper use of battle ropes.

Though the Inertia Wave can be used at home it might be wise for those with no experience to have a guided session at first.  Once comfortable with the equipment there are numerous videos online featuring the inventor of the Inertia Waves, Dave Parise.

The elasticity also allows for more strength training than traditional battle ropes.  Moves like reverse flys, triceps kickbacks, and more can be utilized to great effect.  However, when it comes down to it the Inertia Wave are a great cardio and metabolic apparatus.

Just a few rounds of high-intensity interval training with the waves can leave you exhausted.  The metabolic benefits come in the form of the increased heart rate and then the afterburn.  Also known as Excessive Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) the afterburn is when the body’s metabolism remains raised for long after exercise is completed due to having to play catch up after using excess oxygen during training.

If your interest in piqued and you want to learn more about the Inertia Wave, and experience them for yourself, give us a call, email, or stop by the office!



by Christopher Setterlund

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