Why You Should Be Taking Classes

Why You Should Take ClassesFor many people the actual physical act of going to the gym is the hardest part of any workout.  The desire to get dressed into workout clothes and leave the house, especially on cold or rainy days, can be lacking much of the time.  Even for those that have signed up for person training can sometimes find excuses not to leave the house for a session.  I fully admit that for some exercise can get boring and repetitive.  It can be tough going solo and keeping motivation.

There is a solution.  Classes are a perfect way to get a great workout while also getting in some all-important socializing.  There are classes for any fitness level, any schedule, and any interest.  Many classes have free or low cost drop-in rates that allow first-timers to sample the class of their choosing with no risk.

Group fitness classes are a great way to lose weight and gain better overall fitness.  They also benefit from having a built-in support system in the form of other members of the class.  Although it can be fun to be a part of the group fitness community there is also a level of accountability that comes from being a regular in a class setting.

As you make acquaintances and friends the class becomes a part of the weekly routine.  It is easier to disappoint one person than many and some feel that obligation to be there for the class.  Whether it is yoga, Pilates, high-intensity cardio, or straight up weight training the class you desire is out there.

Classes also take the guess work out of exercise.  A qualified instructor will have their itinerary all mapped out leaving you the ability to come in, grab whatever equipment you need, and simply workout.  There is no wondering about what you should be doing, or for how long.

So much of what brings gains to one’s fitness level comes down to motivation and accountability.  If you go to the gym you are likely to do some sort of exercise.  The more you get to the gym the more you do and the more you increase your overall fitness.  It sounds simple yet can be difficult to actually put into action.  That’s where classes come in.

You find something you’re interested in.  You meet like-minded people and form friendships.  You get a great workout.  Rinse and repeat.  You begin to look forward to the classes in order to see your friends and have fun.  It all starts with the first class.

There are many gyms that offer classes.  There are smaller studios that offer classes and luckily one of those smaller studios is right here at Cape Kettlebell.  If you have any questions about our classes please give us a call, send us an email, stop into the office, or check out what we offer!  We are here to help in any way we can!

by Christopher Setterlund

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